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Jewel Pickers & Wax Tips

Jewel Pickers & Wax Tips

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Introducing our brand new, high-quality Rhinestone Wax Jewel Pen! This specially designed pencil is perfect for effortlessly picking up rhinestones and other charms with ease. Its user-friendly and efficient design ensures that your projects are completed quickly and smoothly. No need to worry about sharp edges—simply roll the wax tip between your fingers to gently warm it and make picking up gems a breeze. This practical tool is an ideal companion for all your crafting needs, offering a cost-effective alternative to fancier wooden options. Join the countless crafters who have trusted this pen for years and now it's available to you.

Package includes:

  • 1 Rhinestone Wax Jewel Pen
  • 1 metal case for Storage and Protection
  • 3 included Wax Tips (Extras are available)

Pen Size: Approximately 6.5'' long

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