Stoned Crazy Rewards | 2023 Update

Stoned Crazy Rewards | 2023 Update

Welcome to the newly improved and updated Stoned Crazy Rewards. Earn Cashback for Online purchases, Referral bonuses, and Tiered Reward bonuses. As we continue to improve and offer the best shopping experience we also believe giving back is very important to our customers. 


Earning Points:

  • Getting points is as easy as placing an order. You can earn up to 10%* cashback in points on all orders based on your Tier Level. 
  • Earn points for all the referrals that click your personal referral link. They will get a one-time discount and you'll receive Points.  

Using Points:

  • Using or redeeming your cashback is easy. Simply fill your cart with all the embellishments you want, once filled, Click redeem points and choose the cashback amount you want to use, and click redeem. The code will be added to your cart and will also be visible in your rewards app in case you forget the code.  

Tiered Rewards - NEW

Loyalty means everything to Stoned Crazy as a small business and we strive to remain loyal to you.

        1. The Beginner  - You have to start Somewhere. Unlock Rewards and Promos just for signing up and placing your first order. 
        2. Just For Fun - You've earned 3,000 points* and now you also got a bonus of 500 points. 
        3. The Embellisher - You've earned 6,000 points* and now you also got a bonus of 500 points. 
        4. The Artist - You've earned 12,000 points* and now you also got a bonus of 1,000 points. at this level, you also unlock a 5% discount you can redeem whenever you want.
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