Cher-ing is Caring!

Cher-ing is Caring!

It's well known that diamonds are a girl's best friend. But what if you could turn your skin into the perfect bedazzling glow in a just few quick steps? With the help of Stoned Crazy you have all of your clothing needs covered for any occasion including summer festivals and dinner on a rooftop tonight.

The name says it all: This bodysuit is definitely "Stoned Crazy" Rhinestones can make every outfit rock to an elegant degree or slightly dress something up and make it shimmer.

This mesh and sequin bodysuit with over 15,000 rhinestones in three colors and two sizes gives the stoned body illusion. We always use our High Quality embellishments like the ones used here. Mine Silver, Hematite and Champagne.

Click HERE to get your Cher-ing Bundle inspired by this project and get started today.   

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